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The Light and Shadow Chronicles

The Light and Shadow Chronicles is a dark, epic fantasy series about a centuries-long battle for dominance.

The world as we know it has gone forever. In its place is a desolate battleground, torn between the rivalries of two warring factions - The Children of Light and The Brotherhood of Shadow. All of existence has been sucked into their battle. Humans, angels, demons and time guardians must choose which side they will take as the tension builds towards one final Armageddon. 

The Light and Shadow Chronicles spans thousands of years of history and each novel will tell the story of one character in the tale. The books can be read in any order and characters dip in and out of each novel. The first book may tell the story of a man in his adulthood. The next may be set after that character's death, or before his birth.

Putting the story together is up to you - the order of events is not important.

But each and every story leads the different strands of the world to the same conclusion...

The final battle...

The apocalypse.

Each army or faction within the series has a symbol that represents them. They wear it on their uniforms, display it proudly on flags and have it engraved on their weapons. The series is represented by a shield containing the 8 major symbols you will read about in the books. Each novel will have the same shield as the cover, but with different sections lit up depending on which factions feature in that particular book. 

Light and Shadow Chronicles Trailer

Join the epic battle with the first book in the series: A Chronicle of Chaos
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